ASDA Walmart one Login – UK

By | January 12, 2019

ASDA is a third largest supermarket chain of the United Kingdom. It is wholly owned by American retail giant Walmart Inc. ASDA Stores Inc currently owns and operates 635 plus retail stores with 165000 employees.

ASDA Walmartone Login

ASDA Walmart one

Walmart Inc has also created an employee portal for ASDA employees. It is accessible from Just like the USA counterpart UK employees can check wage sleep, pay inquiry, holiday, a week off and latest updates through ASDA Colleague login.

How to login on ASDA Walmart One?

Colleagues can log in to the portal from It is an official website for ASDA employees. The user can access this portal from a mobile or personal computer. 

  • Open the official website in your browser and you will see a green color portal. (portal for USA employees is blue)
  • Find the sing in button on the extreme right of the page.
  • Click on it and it will take you to the login page, enter your user ID and password.
  • It will take you to the dashboard, which will allow you to take holiday, check earning, wage slips and other useful details.

How to take a Holiday from ASDA Walmart?

Employees raise a request for a Holiday through an online portal. If you don’t know how to raise a request then you can ask your team leader about the same. However, it is pretty simple, if you log in to the

ASDA Green Room

Green Room is a web portal of ASDA stores which is dedicated for all people who are connected to the ASDA in any way. It is open to all employees and the general public. At Green Room HR dept. shares inspiring stories of the employees who go above and beyond their responsibility to help someone. This story inspires others to do the same.

However, is not working anymore but there is a new portal which took the place of the green room. is an updated portal and it requires to sign in to see the content of the site. 

ASDA Benefits

ASDA everyone benefits is an employee portal accessible from A user has to sing in with Walmart Number and password. Some of the benefits of ASDA is flexible working time, employee discount, sick pay, 10% discount card, good deals, and many more things. 

About ASDA

ASDA Stores Ltd is a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom. Asquith family is the founders of one of the largest stores of UK. Asquith brothers founded the first ASDA store in 1963. They have converted old cinema building into the self-serving supermarket. After that company show, sharp progress in sales and they have open new stores in different areas. Later Walmart acquired ASDA in 1999 for £6.7 billion. Today ASDA operates a various business such as supermarket, Living, George sores, essentials, petrol filling stations, clothing, mobile, and money.

43 thoughts on “ASDA Walmart one Login – UK

  1. Angela Bryson

    I can’t understand the payslip. I don’t understand my totally worked hours, I can’t understand why took so many deduction this month. It was a lot better when it was in paper. I am lost and I need to organise my life and I cannot do with payslip like this.

    1. Kieran Howie

      Could this be made anymore difficult it’s almost as if you don’t want your employees to be able to access

  2. Jean Simmonds

    What on earth has happened to Asda, the whole system is utter rubbish ,it is a nightmare trying to find anything ,the wages are constantly wrong ,they are not made very clear for people to understand ,not everyone can go online ,I would think this causes a lot of worry and stress for people , when are they going to get it right, maybe they should study their staff a little more, and return to payslips .

    1. Elizabeth tattersall

      Utter rubbish the number of colleagues that can not get in I have not had a wage slip for months it’s out if order

    2. Nicholas Hunter

      Well said, Jean Simmonds. I now find I cannot get onto the so-called system at all. The whole thing stinks!

  3. Wendy Atkinson

    Why is it so difficult to log on to your account. There are so many portals, not one relating to anything to do with Asda. Come on Asda sort it out, please.

  4. Kay Tipping

    All I’m trying to do is book a holiday from work..I can’t even get on to the page. So frustrating!!!!

  5. Kirsty

    I ended my employment on 29th Dec I am due paid on 3rd Jan. I cannot get into walmartone to view my payslip. Very frustrating!

  6. Susan Harris

    Trying to get on asda stars tapping in my I’d no they are telling me it’s 10 numbers and if only got 9 trying to change my name to my married name not getting any joy with any of it shambles

  7. Dave Morris

    I cannot access the site from my home pc to book holidays or get my payslip. Why wasn’t it left as it was..The old saying..If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It.
    Total waste of time trying to do anything.

  8. Uma Joshi

    This new way to Register WalmartOne, Why Asda is not making Straight Forward System also easy to sign on from your Own Devices! We don’t have enough time to do things your own if u can do things easy in your own time when u free at home!

  9. Alexander West

    Any search for the Uk Asda Walmartone. Or any URL pasted in the Address bar for Asda Walmartone takes you to the US Site. With no green colored UK Logo or Background.

    1. Nicholas Hunter

      Yes, I also cannot get access to the ASDA website with the green logo. Just get the U.S. site which is no use. I can’t even book my holidays or view my payslips. Complete and utter shambles. What else would one expect from ASDA? They should have stuck to paper holiday booking forms ( which worked when the managers didn’t lose or throw them in the bucket) and wage slips.

  10. michael jenkins

    what a waste of time this new system is can’t even open up an account. To look at my payslips or book holidays. I tried at work for the first time and neither the user ID or PASSWORD worked on the system. I was told to ring the helpline in America. no reset or help on the log in page. Why can’t we go back to paper?

  11. Peter

    This site no longer works for Walmart UK staff it just takes you to the US login page… Has anyone thought to look into this or even thought about fixing it?

  12. Karen sporne

    I have tried lots of time to get on the website but it won’t accept my user name or password. I tried for an hour to try and get on. It’s a ridiculous site.

  13. Mrs Kulsum Jiwany

    I cannot log on to view my payslip or book holidays.
    It was working before now I have a message saying it does not recognize my ID and password

    1. Scott Scobbie

      I am finding the same message….. did you get a solution for this……

  14. Daisy

    Why did they have to change this sight it was working now it don’t know me it was meant to be easy, not harder

  15. Karen

    Any update as to how we can log in to the new site when our previous details are not being accepted? No idea what 2SV is … some help would be appreciated.

  16. Michelle

    Another thing Asda just can’t get right. Why does the page have so many problems? Well if you run out of the bag so regular and have chairs on the shop floor that are not fit for the purpose. Please do not run your website like your store.

  17. Jean Smith

    I cannot get on the website to view payslip or book holidays it’s appalling .sayoing user name or password not recognized.

  18. Shane

    I cannot get online no matter what I do. There is no option even for forgot password.

    1. Stuart

      The system is not fit for purpose wastes precious time and makes you feel like chucking it all in

  19. [email protected]

    This is awful, been trying for an hour and can’t get in, given up, absolutely rubbish… Why can’t something that should be so simple be near enough impossible?

  20. Helen Madden

    Cannot log in to UK Asda Walmart just goes to US (Blue )site. Any links I have tried doesn’t recognize my ID or password. Not good enough at all.

  21. Dave

    Anyone else getting ‘cannot reach this page’ when typing in

  22. Steven

    I have been trying to get into my account now for 2 weeks still no nearer when management do it on works computer no trouble but what a load of rubbish

  23. Melvyn dale

    So what moron designed this site and what moron thought it was a good idea to start using something that doesn’t work?? It is appalling. I can’t sign in. I’ve used the new password and it didn’t work. Phoned up support desk today and a chap said he had updated my password, and that it would give me access immediately. Well, I just tried to log in (about nine hours later), and it still doesn’t work! What’s the point of updating something that worked fine to something that doesn’t work,????

  24. ann Norton

    I can’t get on any asdawalmartone sites to view my holidays or wage slips .i did it fine last month has it changed any thing

  25. ann Norton

    I can’t get on any asdawalmartone sites to view my holidays or wage slips. I did it fine last month has it changed any thing well if I’ve already asked this whats the answer, oh and I have left two messages on the help phoneline and nobody got back ???

  26. Michael Anderson

    Why does the password stop working after so long You’ve got the log-in page so you can enter a pass word but once it goes out of date you can’t reset your password. I realise some people in the company have nothing to do but complicate something that all other sites don’t seem to have a problem with. Most people in Asda work very hard all day and don;t have time for this utter rubbish. Please save more money and get rid of these second rate people who have convinced you have that this is yet another great idea. Please before we all find a high bridge! PS. I know you are going to say security but it was secure before, its so secure we can’t get into it . Grate work guys.


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