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By | March 13, 2019

Are you looking for your paystub, schedule, or report on absence link? And you are not able to login into
Well, here is good news. Walmart Inc has moved to One Wire (
Yes, you can now access your leaves, week off, paystub, schedule and all company related updates from An associate can find login link at the bottom of this page.

Walmart One wire

You might be wondering why is down or why you are not able to access the walmartone associate login page.

Walmartone Wire

The main reason behind the change is is moved to Walmart One wire. It is a new employee login portal launched by Walmart Inc. An associate can access all details from this portal, just like the way they are accessing earlier. If you are not sure how to use the portal, then follow the below steps to

How to access Walmart One Wire?

  • As we have mentioned, Employees has to log in on the new portal. If you are trying to log in from the old portal, then it might happen that it is not working anymore, as it is moved to a new website. So follow the below steps to access newly improved portal.
    Note: You will need an Internet-connected mobile or computer to access this portal.
    Open in your mobile or computer browser.
  • Now, what you are seeing is a new home page for one wire.
  • There is Walmart spark (logo) on the top left corner, click on it.Walmart One Wire
  • It will take you to the login page.
  • Here you have to enter a user id, Password, country, and location.
  • You also have to follow 2 step verification processes to, and for that, you have to be at Walmart.
  • Once you submit the details and complete 2 step verification processes, you are good to use a new associate portal.

One Wire Walmart

What can you access from WalmartOne Wire?

Here are the lists of things you can access from one wire of your Walmart.
My Money

You can access My Pay stub, My Discount, Saving and Retirement, and Tax center

under the tab of my Money. Just like the old portal, all the details are available after you log in to the website.

My Time

My Time allows you to check Paid Time off (PTO) and Leave of Absence (LOA). Here you can also request your leave, check your weak off and other details.

My Health

My health not only allows you to complete online enrolment but it will enable you to check available health program, health plans, life event checklist and much more.

My Career

In my career section, associates can check available education program and career research.

Walmart w2

If you are searching for your W2 forms, then you can get your current year w2 forms from one wire itself. Even former associates can also find W2 forms from here.

One Wire App

As of now, there is no app for One Wire portal. Earlier there was an app for .i.e. WM1 app, it was available for Android or IOS device users. It was free to use and super handy to check paystub, leave, weak off and Paid time off.

It might be possible that the company will release a new app for android and IOS. We will also update link on our tutorial portal.

Click here to login to One Wire 

Wmlink Walmart 2 step

After the migration of, Many of the associates are facing problems in two-step verification. Well here is the simple process to complete Walmart 2 factor authentications.

To complete the process, you have to open wmlink/2step. It is only accessible from the Walmart location. If you are trying to complete it from your home, they are wasting your time.

You have to be present at Walmart store to complete wmlink Walmart 2 step. It will take a few minutes to complete the process of 2SV.

27 thoughts on “Walmart One Wire – New Login Portal

  1. Dominic Mason

    My username is XXX but I cant use forgot password because it tells me can’t find my username but when i use forgot username a confirmation comes to my email saying my username is XXX I need help can’t get my w2s

  2. Sandi Harman

    This was really helpful… I see you have provided a link of the new portal.

    1. walmartone Post author

      Visit the store, you can complete 2sv at the store.

  3. Ana

    I being trying to call in but there say the site can’t be reached, I don’t know what to do, could someone help me please

  4. jennifer kelley

    new login portal doesn’t work–doesn’t accept my info; and no link for help or change/retrieve info.

  5. jennifer kelley

    i discovered that the reason i can’t do it is bcz i’m trying from home. first i have to set up the 2 step verification from work (can’t do it from home). then i should be good.

  6. Mike

    Walmart one wire is one crap train wreck.
    My wife is in labor and I cannot log in to call out. Ignorant programming by insane network staff!!!

  7. Gretchen Clarke

    On leave of absent FMLA cannot do step 2 verification. How can I solve this problem?

    1. Dennis

      Same here. I called our Personnel Supervisor and had her do my 2-step for me.

  8. daniel aeling

    will not let me log in from my home computer I do not have a cell phone

    1. walmartone Post author

      visit the workplace, you have to complete two step verification first.

  9. Shawn Arensdorf

    I have already enrolled in two step verification but It still wont let me log in from home. Why?

  10. Eleanor Andersen

    I did the 2step verification at work today. How can I get my schedule on my laptop?
    I’ve tried everything. My cell phone will be turned off in 2 days.

  11. Laura

    Did the 2step verification at work and I log in but it logs me out? I can’t find a way to use the site to call out and I really need to. I have 102 fever and I can barely stay awake. I m very sick. I don’t have a home computer but I have my cell phone and still can’t do anything. This is getting ridiculous and all. I wouldn’t be so sick if the stupid support actually cared about his people instead of himself.

  12. Jon Bales

    I’m unable to log in. I’ve already checked to make sure I completed 2sv. When I try to log in, it tells me it doesn’t recognize my username or password. I’ve also tried both my un/pw from the old site and the one I use at work.

  13. Pearl Craig

    Why oh why can we just not log on I have had issues with this new one wire EVERY time I try to log on can I get a phone number so I can call and get this mess figured out once and for all

  14. Debbie

    I have done the 2 step verification from my store. And still cannot access from home. Every time I try I get some type of error. VERY FRUSTRATING! What is the fix for this?

  15. Brittany

    I’ve done my 2 step verification but still can not log on worked fine the first day please bring back the app is so much easier and please help

  16. Susie

    Don’t use YOTI, it won’t help. Must do the first step on the wire at a store location. Ask personal, use cable wire.
    If you need to report an absent use the phone and call in.

  17. Torso

    Notice how Walmart one has no problem telling people to complete 2 steps from work but has no answer to those that have done the 2 steps and still can’t log on. SMH

  18. Lawrence King

    About a week ago I did the 2 step thing a work – and thought I could be able to get my schedule & my Pay stub thru he new portal —but no — It does not take my user name & password….I have tried for over a week now, to get through.,…but keeps on doing the same thing….Somebody has to do something about this train wreck of a new sign in / so I hope somebody reads this & can tell me what the solution is… Thanks, Larry King…(2629)


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