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By | May 21, 2021

Are you looking for your Paystub, schedule, or report on the absence link? And you are not able to log in, or you don’t know how to use

Walmart One

Well, this article is just for you; we have covered every point which bothers associates. Earlier, Walmart Inc was using, but now they have shifted their portal to one Wire, aka


Process, details, and data are the same, just different domain names. They have tried to bring everything under one roof. Don’t you think it will make associate’s life simpler in their busy schedules? Not only that, they have covered ASDA employees into the same portal.

Yes, you can now access your leaves, week off, Paystub, schedule, and all company-related updates from Well, for your convenience, we have placed the login link at the bottom of this page.

Walmart One Wire

If you are an old associate, you might wonder why is down or why you cannot access the walmartone associate login page. And for new employees, it must be like why everyone is calling walmartone instead of one Walmart. 

The main reason behind the change is is moved to One Walmart wire. It is a new employee login portal launched by Walmart Inc. An associate can access all details from this portal, just like the way they are accessing earlier. If you are not sure how to use the portal, then follow the below steps to

How to access Walmart One Wire?

As we have mentioned, Employees have to log in to the new portal. If you are attempting to log in on the old portal, it might happen that it is not working anymore, as it is now available to a new website. So read the below steps to access a newly updated portal.


Note: You will need an Internet-connected mobile or computer to access this portal.

  • Open on your mobile or computer Browser.
  • Now, what you are seeing is a new home page for one Wire.
  • There is a Walmart spark (logo) on the top left corner; click on it.
  • It will take you to the login page. 
  • Here, you have to enter your user id, password, country, and location. 
  • You also have to follow 2 step verification processes, and for that, you have to be at Walmart. 
  • Once you submit the details and complete 2 step verification processes, you are good to use a new associate portal.

What can you access from WalmartOne Wire?

Here are the lists of things you can access from one Wire of your Walmart.

My Money

You can access My Paystub, My Discount, Saving and Retirement, and Tax center under my Money tab. Just like the old portal, all the details are available after you log in to the website.

My Time

My time lets you check Paid Time off (PTO) and Leave of Absence (LOA). Here you can also request your leave, check weak off, and other details.

My Health

My health not only allows you to complete online enrolment, but it will enable you to check available health programs, health plans, life event checklists, and much more.

My Career

In my career section, associates can check available education programs and career research.

Walmart w2

If your search for your W2 forms, you can get your current year’s w2 forms from one Wire itself. Even former associates can also find W2 forms from here.

Time Office Center

Associates can also take Paid Time Off from the new employee portal. The process is pretty much the same; they have to log in to the website and select the category.

Users can choose the below options for Paid time off.

  • PTO for Hourly Associates
  • PTO for salaried associates
  • PTO for Truck drivers
  • E-commerce Time off

Leave of Absence 

Users can also take LOA like the PTO; there is a different LOA for hourly, salaried, and truck drivers. An employee can also claim their LOA from the login portal.

Health & well being 

Walmart Inc is also offering various Health and well-being programs, including doctors to visit ZP programs, preventive care, quit tobacco, adoption benefits, and many other programs.

W-2 Forms for former Associates

Suppose you are a former associate and wanted to know your W-2 Form or any questions about it. You can chat online with the executive and let them know your queries.

[email protected]

[email protected] is an android app is new app for associates to check schedules and shifts. It is a free app available on the Google play store and apple app store. So any employee with android mobile can download and use this App.

App has some excellent features which can come in handy to any associate. For example, it allows you to check the schedule, all-time off the request, and enable associates to pick empty slots of any shifts. 

For example, if you find that the morning shift is empty on Friday and you want to be on that shift; you book that slot by logging into the [email protected] app.

Users can also make time-off requests, which is again an excellent and helpful feature. The process of taking time off is too simple, open the App and request time off of any particular day. Your superior will get the update, and he will approve the leave. 

It is the replacement of the WM1 App, which used to be on the play store. The login process is similar to the old App. the earlier user used to get more access to the App, which is not available now.  

One Wire App

As of now, there is no app for the One Wire portal. Earlier, there was an app for .i.e. the WM1 App was available for Android or IOS device users. It was free to use and super handy to check Paystub, leave, weak off, and Paid time off. It might be possible that the company will release a new app for android and IOS. We will also update the link on our tutorial portal.

Click here to log in to One Wire

wmlink/2step – Two Factor Authentication 

Walmart introduces Two-factor authentications to add extra security to your account. It is a simple process. If you don’t know about it, follow our article to know more. 

2SV is compulsory for ASDA and Walmart employees; follow the below process to complete it. 

For ASDA Associates 

2SV is a rotating six-digit code that you will get in your mobile number in TEXT or via call. You have to enter it on your login screen. It makes sure that you are the real user of your account and your device and account is safe. 

For Walmart associates

After the migration of, many of the associates are facing problems in two-step verification. Well, here is the simple process to complete Walmart 2 factor authentications.

To complete the process, you have to open wmlink/2step. Unfortunately, it is only accessible from the Walmart location. So if you are trying to complete it from your home, they are wasting your time.

You have to be present at the Walmart store to complete the wmlink Walmart 2 step. It will take a few minutes to complete the process of 2SV.

401K Plan

Retirement changes everything, the way you work, how you live, and the way you spend. The 401(k) plan of Walmart is beneficial for those who are retiring. Walmart shares profit and ESOP with employees. Currently, 1,655,000 employees are taking benefits of the Plan and over $30.2B in plan assets.

In simple terms, 401(k) lets you save money from your paycheck to a 401(k) account and company invest in the market, stocks, and bonds. You will get cash when you get to retire. You can complete Walmart 401(k) Login from here.  

How to get your Paystub?

Employees can download Paystub from One Walmart website or The WIRE. 

Log in to the official website with your credential and open the paystub link from the dropdown menu. 

What will you see in your Paystub?

Many people cannot figure out the information mentioned on Paystub; if you are feeling the same, then read these points. 

Deposit date

It is a date when your cheque is deposited in the account or cashed.

Payee / Account / Amount 

It shows your bank account, bank name, account type, and other details. 


It shows your regular and overtime income. It also shows the rate at which you have earned. 

Tax deduction

It shows how much tax you have paid, state and local tax, and the amount taken for medical, 401(k), insurance, and vision care. 

155 thoughts on “Walmart One – My Schedule – Company – Login (2021)

  1. Dominic Mason

    My username is XXX but I can’t use forgot the password because it tells me can’t find my username but when i use forgot username a confirmation comes to my email saying my username is XXX I need help can’t get my w2s

  2. Sandi Harman

    This was really helpful… I see you have provided a link of the new portal.

    1. walmartone Post author

      Visit the store, you can complete 2sv at the store.

      1. Lisa

        And what am I suppose to do when I work tomorrow and I need to know what time I need to be there In the morning and can’t check my schedule this change was both unneeded and unexpected and screwed me for tomorrow

        1. Rosie Douglas

          Am trying to get into my wire but it’s tilling me that it’s sending me a text to my phone but I don’t that number anymore I got a new number

  3. Ana

    I being trying to call in but there say the site can’t be reached, I don’t know what to do, could someone help me please

    1. Harry Weaver

      it’s more convenient to print my schedule from home. I am not computer literate and my sister printed my schedule for me in the past. Plus I only had a flip phone. Don’t know how to use an iPhone. How can you help me? I don’t like how it’s printed out from my job in South Hill, VA.

  4. jennifer kelley

    new login portal doesn’t work–doesn’t accept my info; and no link for help or change/retrieve info.

      1. Nicole

        I have 2 phones and the one that I don’t have service on, but I use it when WiFi is available is the only phone that the 2 step verification works on. But when I tried to set up 2 step on my new phone, the only option I can find is to remove the 2sv or to test it. How can I add 2sv to both of my phones?

      2. Claudia Knudten

        What if you are in the hospital, or otherwise not able to go to the site you work? This was poorly thought out and executed.

    1. Mary

      I have had pretty good luck with the new one wire, it does take a very long time to load, but once I got in I could do a lot..some u still have to do at work… however the paystub is or hasn’t been up for me to see my check amount and just keeps stating blank screen with nothing in the address bar
      I think once the bugs are gone it will be ok


        There’s an app called even it tells you daily how much you made and check amount

    2. Melena Gfeller

      Same here for me!
      And when the managers put in the schedule for some reason it messes up with mine! HELP!!!!

  5. jennifer kelley

    i discovered that the reason i can’t do it is bcz i’m trying from home. first i have to set up the 2 step verification from work (can’t do it from home). then i should be good.

    1. Brandy Sharp

      I set 2step verification at work and am now on loa and it won’t let me sign in it says password and or username invalid however I have never changed it. help, please

  6. Mike

    Walmart one wire is one crap train wreck.
    My wife is in labor and I cannot log in to call out. Ignorant programming by insane network staff!!!

    1. Sarah

      Do what we had to do b4 everything went online… pick up the phone and call, to call in.

  7. Gretchen Clarke

    On leave of absent FMLA cannot do step 2 verification. How can I solve this problem?

    1. Dennis

      Same here. I called our Personnel Supervisor and had her do my 2-step for me.

  8. daniel aeling

    will not let me log in from my home computer I do not have a cell phone

    1. walmartone Post author

      visit the workplace, you have to complete two-step verification first.

      1. Sherrie Smith

        I have done the 2 steps and not sure how do to push what in the heck is that?

  9. Shawn Arensdorf

    I have already enrolled in two step verification but It still wont let me log in from home. Why?

    1. April Gonzalez

      I’ve done this 2step crap and it said it was it was downloaded now I can’t get on at home most of the time but once in a while I can but most of the time it says it doesn’t recognize me this sucks

    2. Deb

      I would like to have an email when my schedule changed like I use to get. Yes, this is a good website, complicated for some definitely not user-friendly. I really liked when my schedule changed and was notified. Please rethink bring it back

  10. Eleanor Andersen

    I did the 2step verification at work today. How can I get my schedule on my laptop?
    I’ve tried everything. My cell phone will be turned off in 2 days.

  11. Laura

    Did the 2step verification at work and I log in but it logs me out? I can’t find a way to use the site to call out and I really need to. I have 102 fever and I can barely stay awake. I m very sick. I don’t have a home computer but I have my cell phone and still can’t do anything. This is getting ridiculous and all. I wouldn’t be so sick if the stupid support actually cared about his people instead of himself.

  12. Jon Bales

    I’m unable to log in. I’ve already checked to make sure I completed 2sv. When I try to log in, it tells me it doesn’t recognize my username or password. I’ve also tried both my un/pw from the old site and the one I use at work.

  13. Pearl Craig

    Why oh why can we just not log on I have had issues with this new one wire EVERY time I try to log on can I get a phone number so I can call and get this mess figured out once and for all

  14. Debbie

    I have done the 2 step verification from my store. And still cannot access from home. Every time I try I get some type of error. VERY FRUSTRATING! What is the fix for this?

    1. Antoinette Thomas

      Mine keeps saying to close the browser and log back in. I have tried this for almost a month. I just have to wait till Monday morning to check my paystub on the WIRE. Maybe I have to have an iPhone!!! Maybe it’s not for android users!!!

  15. Brittany

    I’ve done my 2 step verification but still can not log on worked fine the first day please bring back the app is so much easier and please help

    1. Antoinette Thomas

      That app was so convenient!!! Now I can’t check anything, not even my schedule!!!

  16. Susie

    Don’t use YOTI, it won’t help. Must do the first step on the wire at a store location. Ask personal, use cable wire.
    If you need to report an absent use the phone and call in.

  17. Torso

    Notice how Walmart one has no problem telling people to complete 2 steps from work but has no answer to those that have done the 2 steps and still can’t log on. SMH

  18. Jessica Keating

    I’m sick of this…Im feeling sick this morning and can’t even use the website to do SQUAT to call in or report an absence, and I DONT feel like going to the store to report an absence when I feel sick to my stomach! I have to walk across 2 gigantic parking lots to get to 2 different bus stops and then when I get off at the bus stop AT my Walmart store, I gotta hobble across THEIR gigantic parking lot before actually getting in the building. Do u think a sick person feels like doing all that?? Not I!!

  19. LaVerne

    I’ve done the 2 step verification at my store and I still can’t log on each and every time, and if by chance I do get logged on the app just freeze’s my phone not to mention I can’t log on at home on my computer. at home, it tells me a bad request after entering my verification text code. and if it’s not going to work why put it out there? I’ve had several people at work tell me they cannot use this either, they keep saying it’s broken so they have to use even pay just to see their pay stubs.

  20. Kelly Guerin

    I have done the 2 step verification at work and also failed to login at home at first. I discovered that I had to use my wire login to be able to login and then I had access to the site. Hope this helps someone.

  21. Christina Jackson comes up as a bad request. What am I doing wrong?

  22. Lawrence King

    About a week ago I did the 2 step thing a work – and thought I could be able to get my schedule & my Pay stub thru he new portal —but no — It does not take my user name & password….I have tried for over a week now, to get through.,…but keeps on doing the same thing….Somebody has to do something about this train wreck of a new sign in / so I hope somebody reads this & can tell me what the solution is… Thanks, Larry King…(2629)


    I don’t like the new way to log in it took me a week of playing with the system to get my schedule and paystubs.
    the people in the office did not know how to connect me. it took two times for them to set up my 2sv / because I did not have a cellular phone with internet connection on it.

  24. Donna

    After viewing pay stub; says “ click here do not a close browser”. Does not work

  25. Shirley

    WalmartOne wire?????? Did 2 step and cannot get into this, username and password does not recognize someone please fix this MESS!!!!!

    1. Ram Adhikari

      You are very right, it doesn’t recognize me after a minute.

  26. Mare

    After struggling for the longest time, this morning included and reading all the comments here, I went back to the site to try again. I GOT IN!!! Hopefully now that I logged out, I’ll be able to get back in again. This is what I did:
    1) For OneWire site, I scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page where it says SUPPORT. I clicked on “store support” and it took me back to the login page. Figuring the same thing as usual would happen, I put in my info and IT WORKED!! I have no idea why it worked after clicking on store support but I’m not complaining. Paystub, call off, schedule, etc.

    For My Schedule site login:
    2) Username – Uppercase, password initials – lowercase
    then “store” then store #.

    Hopefully you’ll have some luck and this will help you too. Let me know if it works so I can pass this onto others at work.

    1. walmartone Post author

      Hello Mare,

      This will be helpful for many users…
      thank you.


    Logged in but when I hit paystub and report absence goes to an error saying cannot be found.

  28. Joanne Turner

    OneWire worked fine for me for over a month, but in the last few days after I click images with store fronts, etc., all it ever says is “ERROR: Please close your browser and log back in.”

  29. Don't worry

    The richest company, poorest website. Saving money…. on IT I see

  30. Babatunde Ooreofe Dada

    this is what I get each time I try to log in
    Bad Request
    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
    Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.
    Apache Server at Port 443

  31. Tammy geckle

    This is helpful, I was not able to find the website… hopefully this site has given the link

  32. Janet Fitzsimmons

    This sucks big time!!! Not everyone has internet access to be able to log in from their home. At least with Walmart One we were able to report an absence without the internet. This is just another example of higher-ups thinking, WRONG. Wake up people you are just making things harder for your employees. So much for your caring about us when you do not have a clue as to the circumstances that a lot of your employees live under. Mr. Sam is probably whirling in his grave at these stunts.

  33. Julie santiago

    The new site sucks. I have to put in the verification code from the VIP access app every time I want to log in. It’s too many steps and annoying. Why does Walmart always fix what’s not broken? Couldn’t they just add the wire to Walmart one?

  34. Juri

    Log-in info for OneWire is the same info you use to log into the wire at work, and not the info you used to sign into the old Walmart app. Took me a while to figure that out, derp. However, once I logged in, I couldn’t view paystub or report an absence due to “Site can’t be reached” error.

  35. Mark

    One walmart site has only loaded up once for me on my home computer. Still can’t see my paycheck. I have done the two step verification and had the code sent to my phone so I know that part worked at least once. Are these new programs even tested before they are rolled out?
    BYOD is a joke in my club. Depending on the type of phone you have (I Phone or Android), you only have certain features on your phone which are on the TC-70s so you can’t do the job expected of you. Very frustrating, it’s like we have different divisions working on all the tech improvements but don’t feel the need to make the programs actually work together.


    I am trying to get my paycheck, pto, attendance, etc., information on my phone and have not been able to find the application to open. Could you please help me? I was able to open my schedule application without any problems.
    My store # is xxxx.

    Thank you,
    Marilyn Tuttle

    1. Sandra Cannon

      Did you get any help? Did you get a number to call? I really would like to see the pay stub, pto, and other information.

  37. Alicia

    As usual, Walmart is paying someone big bucks to create yet another useless app. Why can’t you guys just leave good enough alone? I can’t get into my profile no matter how many times I try to sign in. I’m not downloading any app from Walmart onto my phone. I get enough of the TC70 and all its apps at work.

  38. Kim Foster

    I have done the two-step verification but have all kinds of problems. Even when I can get logged in nothing works. If you click on the spark in the top corner like it tells you to it takes you to The associate information line will not load to let you report an absence. Not useful at all. Like taking a step backward!

  39. Shaunna Goodenberger

    I’ve been trying for over a week to get on to check my schedule and one Walmart it says I’m not allowed to view the content I’ve changed my password and still won’t let me in

  40. karen

    Jon and Shirley. Got the same thing happening to me. I did two-step verification at work and it worked fine until this ONEWIRE thing started and I went on LOA in Feb. Now I can’t get anything. It tells me my username and password is not recognized. What a mess, but that’s typical WalMart. Launch an app that you tell associates is the only way to access their information and you don’t even have the bugs worked out of it before you launch it. And what do associates get for a message when they try to use it………. Please be patient, it is a known issue and we are doing all we can to fix it in a timely manner. The largest retailer in the world and they can’t afford to hire the best tech people out there so things like this don’t happen. Oh wait a minute, Walmart doesn’t want to pay what it takes to get the best tech people out there. They could pay for the best but they won’t. Just Ok is good enough for Walmart. That’s what they think of us Walmart associates. Just ok is good enough for all of you.

  41. Bryan Gutierrez

    Not helpful, It is hard to access. Like I can’t even talk due to an infection and an app would have been helpful.

  42. Sandra Cannon

    I have been trying to access this for months now. Such a big company and they can’t figure out what is wrong with their system. Can’t look at the schedule, pay stubs, time off, or anything. I can’t understand how a billion dollar company can’t have a program that works. My thoughts are, they just don’t want the employees to have access to their information. Now try finding a phone number for help. NOT GOING TO FIND ONE ANYWHERE, NOT EVEN THE STORE YOU WORK AT HAS ONE. Just really frustrated.

    1. Jamie Davis

      Can sign in but receive no text to go any further. Any suggestions. Have completed the step 2 go to sign in that works but not getting any text !!!!

  43. Jamie Davis

    I have completed the verification at work I get to sign in but I receive no text to go to the site.


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