How do you download Walmart w2 forms 2019?

By | November 4, 2019

walmart W2

Walmart Inc employees can find W2 forms online from It is an online program that allows you to download W-2 forms. It also allows you to make corrections and reprint. 

Walmart W2 forms 2019

Earlier W2 forms are available at, but now it is moved to It is a new portal for Tax form management. Portal is accessible from anywhere.

  • Open the website mentioned above to download W-2 or 1095-C forms.
  • Now enter your employer code on the login box. If you don’t remember the system, enter the name of your employer.
  • Now you have to enter SSN and PIN.

To get your PIN, open and find your gross pay from your latest pay stub. If your gross pay is $15326.85, then your PIN is 15326. You also have to complete verification by providing details such as home addresses or other information.

  • From the dashboard, open Get your W-2 Now and Print it.

Correction and Past W2 reprint

If you find the mistake on your W-2 form, then you can make a necessary change from “Correct an Error on My W-2”. Change the details and complete the process. You will receive a confirmation mail regarding the change you have made on the form.

To print old W2 forms, go to the reprint page and choose the desired form. You can receive it in Email or take a printout from PDF.

Walmart w2 forms former employee

Former employees can also get their W2 forms. Visit the last store/facility and meet the personnel office. They will send it via mail on your registered address. If you have changed your address or it goes undelivered, then you can get it from the office till 30th June.

When will Walmart W2 available online 2019?

The deadline for the forms is 31st January 2019. So you will get it after or before the deadline. Contact your HR department, if you don’t get your form in time.

26 thoughts on “How do you download Walmart w2 forms 2019?

  1. Jolene Clark

    My daughter has misplaced her 2018 W-2 form For when she worked at the Sun Prairie Wisconsin Walmart.

    How am I able to get a copy of it? Can you send me a pdf email of it?



  2. Diamond

    I moved back to a state and currently do not reside in the state where I have worked. How do I get my w2 sent to the current address I reside at now if I live in a whole new state?

  3. Mario Samuels

    Can please send my W-2 to my address Mario Samuels P.O Box 11 Mentmore

      1. john beauchamp

        how do u get them Ashley self I’ve tried to get it and it says it’s not there only the last 2 years are there!!!|

  4. Nita

    How do I get copies of pay stubs and W2 for 2019? I no longer work for Walmart and none of my passwords are working. I left the month they were phasing in the system that you had to log onto at work–to sync—but it was down the entire month before I left.

  5. Daniel Hernandez

    Has anyone been able to get access to there w2 I have gotten? It every year online but it’s still not popping up.

  6. Evelyn Brister

    Hi did they put the w2 online yet mines keep saying no information .. I already did an account with Walmart for online w2

  7. Candi

    Online W2 still not posted. Usually, it posts on the 4th. Anyone having the same situation?

  8. Sarah Mozsi

    W2s are supposed to be available by Jan 31st, why can’t we get them until Feb 4th?

  9. Jameka Battle

    I no longer live where at my address on file with Walmart how will I receive my w-2

  10. Alyssa C.

    I am a former employee – I no longer live in the state the W2 will be addressed to… And the forward mail has expired. There has got to be a way to access it online in this situation. Please email me instructions.


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